To Rape a Minor or not…, Her Choice!

This is all because we don’t have objectivity in our society as well as in our law making body. We have become very biased in this whole process. This shows our diasporic discourse towards male. And we only believe in benefiting women on the basis of our wrong understanding towards their abilities and we call it “equality among MEN & WOMEN”. Either we live in patriarchal or matriarchal society, both shows our sick mentality. We need to get rid of it otherwise we won’t be able to come out of this pathetic aura.

Stand up for a Cause ...

I just came across this article titled, Woman booked for ‘raping’ son’s teen pal, wherein it is stated that she spiked the minor boy’ss drink and then raped him (oh! Sorry, rape is a wrong word here. She forced the minor boy to keep physical relationship, as definition of rape does not include forceful intercourse with a male). She also made a video recording of the incident and used to threaten the minor boy with the video recording who was just 16 years of age. It is stated that she also threatened the boy with filing of a false rape complaint against him.

Due to the ordeal, the boy lost interest in studies and was unable to mix up in the family, his health deteriorated and his behaviour changed. The news article states that the probe is currently on, no information of arrest of the accused woman is mentioned.

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