Distraught UP boy’s connection with terrorist

The story of alleged India’s youngest terrorist is the plight of his unsuccessful love life, academic failure and family’s harshness, shared by the newspaper in Mumbai desk. A teenager from UP fell in love with a girl in his school time but when he failed in exams she broke up with him. The heartbroken boy from a respectable family did not share it with anyone and started surfing internet in solitude. During that period, he came into contact with a man, Yusuf, a suspected Pakistani through a radical post on facebook by liking it.

After that, Yusuf kept on posting different stuffs on facebook and teen liked them as well. In 2013, Yusuf asked him for his contact number and sent him several links on WhatsApp describing about the plight of Muslim women and children around the globe.

This brought a cordial relationship between them. His father is a government employee who noticed the changes happening in his son. He scolded his son to focus on the studies and watch his behavior in front of everyone. The teen took it harshly and moved to his uncle’s house in a nearby village.

His family told him to come back to home but he was so hurt that became rebellious. He also passed his class 10th exam and continued his stay between his to uncle’s house. He was told by Yusuf to abstain the television and instead watch videos on Syria, Palestine and Iraq.

The boy started pleading for the passport from his father which family refused. Even his father took all his original documents in the custody so that he could not apply for passport as he felt a suspicion on his son. His family also took his cell-phone and he had to live without it for almost 10 months without surfing internet. But last year, he again started surfing net and changed his sect. This angered his father and the boy was told to live with the uncle.

Although he got missing without informing anyone and kept on wandering to Hubli, Goa, Lucknow, Mumbai (twice), Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Delhi. Yusuf made another facebook page for 25 sympathizers of Janood- ul-Khalifa-e- hind, a banned outfit and declared UP guy its deputy chief.


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