Father killed while daughter asked more mid-day meal

The year of 2016 has been seeing the deaths of students in their university campuses. Now, in Rajkiya Prathmik Vidyalaya primary school in Bihar witnessed the death of a student’s father. A 12 year old girl, Kasheeda asked for more mid-day meal in the school premise but she was beaten by the cooks through a serving spoon in Gokhlapur village.

On 10th February 2016, she ran back to home while crying after getting beaten for more Khichdi she asked. Her father went to the school to defend her. She informed that her father told them that every child is entitled for government mid-day meal scheme but the school teachers rushed out and threatened him. They hit him in the testicles before the arrival of head master. Her father, Mohamed fell on the ground with pain and when taken to the local hospital he did not survive due to severe injuries.

The school has been shut down since the incident and three teachers and a cook have been charged with culpable homicide like manslaughter. His wife, Rukhsana has also claimed around six months ago, his son was thrown off the school roof and fractured his leg for the same reason. He does not go to the school anymore in the utmost fear. At that time, they did not file any case in the pressure.

But this time, they want justice and she said that they are the one who needs mid-day meal the most. Rukhsana also told that the neighbors called the cops who turned up around 1 am the same night. They charged Mastan, Hardev Ram, Sanjit Paswan and Sambhu Yadav.

Primary schools in Bihar have a budget of 3.86 rupees per child for pulses, vegetables and rice. Bihar has almost 70,000 government schools and have been attended by 25 million children and serve mid-day meal to 2.5 crore children.


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