I am a proud Indian. No, I am not.

This is an OPEN-LETTER to ‘me’, to ‘us’. I am a proud Indian. No, I am not. What a fuss? How will we resolve it? Who will we identify ourselves as Nationals or Anti-nationals? Do we have any scale to check it that ‘A’ is 60% or ‘B’ is 40% Indian like the beauty creams get sold in the market? Is this sentiment so saleable? We are arguing these points with every possibly looking human. Who has got the answer for it?

Have we given our single minute to think about the root-cause of such dim-witted questions? We are flouting heads and hands, abusing others and shockingly, making our aura to be abusive only. We are working so hard to put people in the drain by sinking in it ourselves. And we declare us as pious ones. What a disparity! So-and-so university’s students said this, shut down the whole campus. This man has made fun of self-styled gurus for serving public’s laughter, lock him up. We are extremely active. No one thinks even twice before their action. We have the zeal to do whatever it takes us to. This speed can surely change the world.

Are we talking about that change which we need the most here? At least I cannot smell it. Will it ever facilitate us to peter out poverty, pollution, uncontrollable population, diseases, and corruption? Or are we trying to torn out the Humane Civilization?

Why do we hit upon ourselves in the position to question about the nationalistic and anti-nationalistic approaches? Who wants to call-out negativity and puts himself behind the bar? Today, our parents, wife, husband, children, girlfriend, boyfriend or friends yearn to meet us and we state that we have to study, work, party etc. What does that mean? Do we have enough time to do so? Or let’s assume for some political favors, we do that, then who is at fault? Only the one who is out crying or we should blame every one of us who has given him/her an excuse; okay, be happy, call it a lame excuse?

Why are any one of us getting the chance to sob against our mother-land? If things would not have turned into unfavorable dessert then none goes anti-national (if you call them by this name). When will we ask the real question that why one needs to badge out someone as terrorist, anti-nationalist, biased, inhumane, intolerant or demonic?

Let’s all close our eyes together and imagine a life of paradise with family and friends, doing good deeds. You may find it the utopia or my stupidity (as I am giving you the liberty of interpretationJ). But if we will wake up at the same time with this positive approach towards life then this life, the reality will definitely turn into a night-mare and heavenly life, the dream will greet us with open arms in real world.

Choice is all ours, what kind of change we would like to embrace.


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