Man delusion to be pregnant

Kerala: Does homosexuality bring pregnancy to a man? It is difficult to believe for everyone including doctors but a man from Kozhikode had a firm belief that he was pregnant. It created such fuss in the family that they took the 52 year old disillusioned man to the psychiatrist. He kept on requesting everyone that he was pregnant and said that he felt the abnormal sensations in his abdomen and also felt that he is carrying a baby.

It was quite unusual to hear from a father of two children who is unemployed and holds a master degree. His brother took him to the doctor after he started developing nausea and curbed his food intake. During counseling, patient admitted that he was in homosexual relationship and after that he felt he has conceived.

The team of doctors headed by Dr P N Suresh Kumar said that the patient is delusional and they had done several tests on him and termed it as a rare phenomenon. They also added that delusion is a fixed abnormal belief about something. His brother informed that the patient started having such issues almost six months back.

Doctors also claimed “We never came across this sort of case before. He was an active homosexual in his adolescent years which may contribute to his beliefs. But, his homosexuality did not affect his marriage.” They could not even detect any gender identity disorder, gender dysphoria, hallucination, depression or anxiety in him and found him completely normal.

The delusional problem has been cured now through medical intervention and after a series of sessions, he stopped his homosexual activities as well and he is recovering slowly.


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