Neighbors’ dispute land child in burning pyre

A dispute between the neighbors turned horrifying over the cremation site when one of the neighbors threw other’s son into the funeral pyre. A resident from Basgarha village in Madhepura district, Amit Kumar was thrown into the funeral pyre in the rage when argument began between two villagers, Muni Ram and Shambhu Mehtar.

It all started over a place to burn a dead relative. It has been reported that Muni Ram was cremating his relative Prakash Ram in front of their house which led the objection from the neighbor Shambhu. While fighting, Shambhu was arguing that one should not be cremated around the place they are living.

The verbal fight turned worst when Shambhu’s son, five year old Amit Kumar came in between and was thrown into the burning pyre by Ram’s family members around 2 pm on 17th February 2016.

The child was immediately saved by the onlookers. He was pulled back by the villagers present on the spot and was treated in the local primary health care centre. He got injuries in the leg. Udakishunganj police station SHO K V Singh informed that the police lodged an FIR and the investigation is going on but no one has been arrested so far.


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