A Field Visit to Narela & Bhorgarh

There have been several taboos related to family planning and if not then people are sometimes covert about this important issue. But the question in front of us was what’s the solution. We often feel contraceptive pills are not healthy and are even afraid of Copper T, and there is a preconceived notion in some Indian culture for not going for the operation.

Child Survival India NGO is working towards such issues with programs on family planning, ante-natal and post-natal care.

CycleTel Humsafar is an SMS-based service that works on proven scientific principles to help a woman avoid unwanted pregnancy. This SMS-based mobile phone service uses the Standard Days Method (SDM).This method helps a woman track her menstrual cycle to know on which days during her menstrual cycle, she can get pregnant. These days are her unsafe days. To prevent pregnancy, a couple uses condoms or abstains on all of the unsafe days. This method is 95% effective.

CycleTel thus helps a woman in following an entirely natural family planning method – the ‘standard days method’ – in an efficient manner. With three general questions like when a woman has a menstrual period, is it regular or not, does she use any protection while sexual intercourse or not, a woman or even man can quickly get registered in the database of CSI for the program of CycleTel Humsafar just by calling the toll-free number 180018008000. If a woman wishes to avoid pregnancy, she must abstain or use a condom on the unsafe days. On the other hand, if she is planning a pregnancy, she can have sexual relations during her uncertain days. CycleTel is free, easy-to-use, private, and personalised for every woman.

Usually, one has to go to the houses on a door-to-door basis for awareness. But Khushboo’s mother-in-law from Narela is the one on whom the society should be proud of. She went to the field team to meet Khushboo for pregnancy counseling as she feels her son is not very sincere in life.

One important thing which came into being is these days’ mother-in-laws have started understanding their son’s wives better, not blaming them all the time in some filmy manner. She was seen trying to create a woman-to-woman connection. This same connection is even helping the CSI team as well to disseminate the point in the society. This Sasu Maa is accrediting our team for her supportive behavior. Khushboo’s sister-in-law, Kavita has also taken this service in the past and liked it which has become a reason for the whole family to believe in CycleTel Humsafar.

The cute chubby Saas told us that her elder Bahu, Kavita, a mother of one, recommended about the CycleTel Humsafar program team to intervene in younger daughter-in-law’s concern as she desires to be a mother for the first time. But her husband is not very supportive towards this fact. He did not even want to marry her and now comes home quite late at night. He rarely cooperates with Khushboo as well.

Kavita also interacted with us that CycleTel Humsafar has shown her the clear picture about when she can have safe sex with her husband without using any protection and when she knows the time is right to plan for her family to extend with the new life. She was all happy and overt about the issue. She along with her mother-in-law thanked our team for the service. It is just like one has got benefited with the service and passed on to another needy one. The CSI team hopes that Khushboo can plan her first child in a better way as Kavita did in the past through the information from CycleTel Humsafar.

M Mitra is a friendly mobile application for all those who ought to be apprised especially during pregnancy and till the time the child becomes one year old. It does not require any medicinal tool or complicated technology etc. One single missed call on a toll-free number 04071012032 is enough to get registered in this program. The field staffs fill the M Mitra form from those women regarding which language they would prefer to hear, at what time they are free to listen, etc.

But when the villagers show you M Mitra card which they already have it, then your inner voice tells you that you are on the right track. It makes you feel you have been serving the society as it has given you whatsoever you are enjoying in life.

I along with my field staffs Kavita, Usha and Sharda visited Narela village in North Delhi where we met many men and especially women. Rita from the area registered herself five months back and is now eight months pregnant. She shared how the information imparted through M Mitra is helpful to her. Rita prefers to hear the message around 8-9 pm every day. The remarkable point was when she said her husband is even happier about this development and takes an interest in whatever has occurred communicated.Aqua_Power_HD_20160803_115952Aqua_Power_HD_20160803_110835Rita M MitraAqua_Power_HD_20160803_122053Aqua_Power_HD_20160803_122736Aqua_Power_HD_20160803_130850Aqua_Power_HD_20160803_124945Aqua_Power_HD_20160803_131323Aqua_Power_HD_20160803_134023Aqua_Power_HD_20160803_134047Aqua_Power_HD_20160803_122709Aqua_Power_HD_20160803_122104


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