A Journey Into The Unknown

While exploring the village life, Dyuti has expressed her stereotype with a hope to see it breaking down some day

India Fellow

“India’s heart lies in its villages.”

As a girl living in the city, I have always been curious about the lifestyle in a village. We often hear that people go to the rural areas to find peace and solidarity or to take a break from their city lives. At a young age, we only get to know about the natural beauty, purity and simplicity of the rural areas. But as we grow up, we do hear about the various negative aspects that are present there in the villages. All this information leads us to form certain perceptions of such places which we might have never visited. Similarly, I myself had formed some stereotypes about our Indian villages without visiting them.

Yesterday I got a chance to visit a nearby village/semi rural area in Udaipur. We were given some amount of money and were asked to go to the village and…

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