CycleTel- A Natural Way of Family Planning

Rajani from Narela, North Delhi was going through a stressful life. She was scared of family planning operation and does not want to take contraceptive pills regularly. But she then found herself with no alternate option. Rajani has three kids and does not want any other child.


Then, one day a Child Survival India (CSI) worker met her and informed her about CycleTel Humsafar that how she can avoid unwanted pregnancy and lead a normal and happy life. The alternative way of family planning that it is possible without operations, injections and pills which were used by our ancestors when there was no artificial way of family planning like nowadays.

Rajani going through CycleTel Humsafar pamphlet


Rajani could not believe it first that only by sitting at home, she can use such kind of services. Out of disbelief and curiosity, she decided to try this SMS-based free service. After thinking for few minutes, she took the mobile phone in her hand and started dialing a toll-free number 1800 1800 8000 given by the CSI worker. She answered three questions including her last periods’ date and registered herself. In less than a minute, she started getting messages on her mobile. She felt triumphal that now there is tracking system of her safe-unsafe days and now Rajani and her husband, Ganesh do not need to use contraception all the time unlike before.

This natural way is helping them to lead a joyous and fulfilled life. This service is 95% efficient and does not cause any negative consequence. It has been re-enforcing the effort of CSI to work in this direction for the social good.


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