CycleTel Humsafar- A Key of Content Life

CycleTel Humsafar- A Key of Content Life

CycleTel Humsafar has started balancing the sex life of numerous people. Child Survival India (CSI) is reaching out the communities to aware them about how one can live a content life without any complication. During field visit by staffs whom women call “Didi” out of love met Salma, wife of Javed Khan from Pocket-11, Narela. She has two kids and three years back, got Copper T facility for tension free life. Salma had no idea that it would be painful for her private parts including breasts, white water discharge also started by then.


Field Staff, Usha with Salma and Javed during field visit at their Narela resident


She had to rush the hospital now and then. Ultimately, doctors decided to remove her Copper T, but that again put her into stress. Salma was not getting any alternative for family planning. But Didi from CSI came to her home as a hopeful ray who explained its natural way without any side-effect and the fear of unwanted child has just got vanished from her life.

Salma herself told the CSI team to register her for an SMS-based service, CycleTel Humsafar that works on proven scientific principles to help a woman avoid unwanted pregnancy.

It has been four months now that every month she has been updating her periods’ timing with the team on the mobile number given by them without getting volunteered. Her husband has also supported her throughout the process and equally happy as she is. Salma also mentioned that now, she needs not to worry at all and even advise others to take advantage of this free service.


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