Lost Open Door

Dear friend,

I never make any complaint to you. I feel you must have got that section of society who keeps on nagging you about your whereabouts, dreams, responsibilities, timeliness etc.

I just can’t act like that as I want to be your one open door in life which does not put any clause before taking you inside.

I have always tried to seek for that door in you as well. I am quite an escapist in nature from almost everything as from family to friends, all are 24/7 asking me questions and telling me that I am responsible for their worries as this is my major task to make them feel confident about me. That’s well understood when you are living in a society with the tag of social being. And I always fulfill those duties impartially (Okay! Not always, but I try harder to do so time to time). But the escapist part of me would also like to steal some time in a space where there is no condition of give-and-take, rights-and-responsibilities. Very few think from the standpoint that they also have accountability towards us to value our individuality and give the personal space.

I understand this sound as I am becoming a secluded soul but in my seclusion also, I need you to hear me out with no gain like I try to be with you, my girl. That is maybe difficult but you have to accept that I am difficult person to live with.

And I believe I have lost all the open doors in my life. I have the whole lot but still find life a meaningless one. But my optimism is still seeking for that one door. It is since maybe you are no longer my one open door.


Yours no one


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