India Untouched

In the village of Kukerkheda, Rajsamand, Rajasthan, I met an 11-year-old boy in a government school who was also the head of his family.

His widow mother was bed- ridden and this eldest son had to clean her faeces as well along with other responsibilities.

Kid and responsibility, terms are not synching well together but when destiny throws you out, then life seems lifeless.

Apart from this, he was the cook for the family of the mother and two younger brothers. He studies in the government school but teachers informed me that he is psychological disabled and don’t understand anything. They said he goes there for mid-day meal only.

His tragedy did not stop here. He had a fake job card and through which he was even working at NREGA site.

India Ignored

I came to know from villagers that both his brothers are in the same psychological condition.

There came a time when I found myself shouting at the villagers as well as the school teacher. I had no other option they were forcing me to not to go inside his house and to make a distance from that family.

But again I managed to compose myself which took me deep down to understand their notion then people imparted that water available in their area, has Iron in a surplus quantity which is resulting in this form.

The bed-ridden lady is living a lifeless life and the son whose name I don’t remember anymore, has no zeal in his eyes. From our closed office doors, these places are far from our sight but that doesn’t mean such situations have changed everywhere.

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3 thoughts on “India Untouched”

    1. My profound view of real India has certainly broken after these visits. I earlier had a mindset that if I can easily get whatever I want to possess then it must be easy for others to get at least “Roti, Kapda aur Makaan”. But unfortunately, it has shattered now… 😥

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