Prismatic Life


I am in quest of colors, different colors to signify the diversity in life. One such experience I had when I visited the peculiar campus of Swaraj University in Udaipur. There, peeps are free to choose any and every color of life without any hindrance. It seems they are flying high in the sky and spread the red, yellow, green, blue and what not prismatic colors everywhere like the rainfall with the rainbow.

#WallPainting also termed as #Mural #IndiaLessExplored Series, Visited #SwarajUniversity #Udaipur giving a message of #Azadi #Yatra #Happiness #Trust #Process #IndianArt

PC: Sonali

One morning I wake up with the zeal to learn something. I found an ordinary paper as art can’t be stopped by lame excuses. I started pouring colors after drawing some zig-zag lines to give it a beautiful shape. I made mistakes as well but did not attempt to hide with the feeling that our very-own Moon has patches too. But the bliss was that I was able to create my home-town’s art, Mithila Painting.

Madhubani Painting.jpg
A first timer celebrating the Prismatic life through her world renowned city art #MadhubaniPainting #MithilaPainting

Art: Sonali


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