Thank You Bipul!

Thank You Bipul!

India Fellow

Diwali is one festival when we clear all our dues either for #SwachchBharatSwachhGhar or for enjoying the food and what not.

Mine was also the same. I had my Pre-Diwali Celebration and just like a lazy lad, I woke up quite late on the Diwali Day. I made a plan to celebrate the occasion at my friend’s home. Around 1 pm, I was waiting for my another friend to accompany me at the Kailash Colony Metro Station.I noticed a small boy sitting with almost 40-45 novels outside the metro station. After 5 minutes, I guess, he came to me, “Didi, Kitab dekh lo”. He started narrating the names of  all the English novels. I did not show any enthusiasm. A passerby asked him if he has any Hindi novel or book. He checked his collection and found only one. The interested buyer asked him for the price. He responded only…

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